Digital photo resolution vs. print size

If you aren’t the technical type, just upload your photo and we will give you a quality score based on your image and the print size you desire. If your score isn't as high as you would like, try a smaller print size. If your score is unsuitable, we won't let you proceed and you will need to contact customer support for help. 

If you do have a technical understanding of photo resolution, we base the quality score on the pixels of your image. We recommend that the printable DPI should be over 100 for any size of print. However, as you print larger sizes with the same digital image, the DPI will steadily decrease, but you will also view the art from further away, so this lower DPI is not a problem. 300 DPI is the best you can get, anything higher than this does not improve print quality. We do not recommend artificially creating more pixels in your digital image by using graphic editing programs as the results are typically very poor. If you must resize an image, we recommend that you use specialized software such as Alien Skin or Genuine Fractals which have much better results, but will still definitely alter the image drastically when they add the additional pixels.

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