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Acrylic Prints Hanging & FramingUpdated 2 years ago

We offer a number of different options to hang your Acrylic Print on the wall. These options are available to select in the order process when creating your custom print. There can be different options for different types and sizes of prints. Our hanging and framing options are listed below, along with sizes to which they are applicable.

No Frame: With this option, your print will be created as simply the print alone, with nothing on the back for hanging. This is a good option to choose if you are planning on having a custom frame made for the print, planning to use your own hanging system, or are wanting the print for an alternative use. An option available to all sizes of Acrylic Prints.

Float Mount: This is our most popular hanging option. It offers a modern frameless look, while providing ease of mounting with a hanging wire on the back. The Float Mount will cause the print to float approximately 1/2" away from the wall. An option available to all sizes of Acrylic Prints.

Standoff Kit: A very secure hanging option. The Standoff Kit is a wall-anchor and bolt system. The print is bolted into the wall through holes drilled in the four corners of the print. Installation instructions included with print. Available on all sizes of Acrylic Prints.

Aluminum Easel: A fold out aluminum standing leg for setting the print on a desk, shelf, or other flat surface. Available on sizes 12X18 and smaller of Acrylic Prints.

Modern Float Frame: A solid wood deep box frame. Print is mounted flush with the front edge of the frame. A depth of 1.75" and available in 4 colours: black, white, espresso, and silver. Fitted with a wire for hanging. This option is available on all sizes of Acrylic prints.

Standard Frame: A classic frame style, solid wood with a satin finish. The print is set in the rear of the frame, with the inner lip of the moulding covering the edge of the print. A 1.25" front frame profile. Fitted with key-hole hanging system on the rear of the frame. Available on all sizes of Acrylic Prints.

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