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Desk Decor Production & ShippingUpdated 6 months ago

As soon as your order for your order for a Desk Decor print is submitted, the image is immediately transferred to our print server. The image is then entered into the print queue, nested and sent to print! 

Once nested, images are printed on the product base material. We print these on our state-of-the-art SwissQ direct-print system (Acrylic Blocks, Woodstand Prints), and our advanced Epson print system (Metal Minis). Printed images are then trimmed and sorted.

Cut prints are then sent to our finishing team. Metal Minis are pressed, Woodstands are sanded, Acrylic Blocks are polished. 

Once complete, Desk Decor prints are then grouped by order, and carefully packaged for shipping, wrapped in bubble wrap, so they will not be scuffed or scratched. Packaged prints are then shipped, or safely stored if additional products in the order are still to be completed. 

From start to finish, this process for Metal Minis, and Woodstand Prints takes an average 3-5 business days to complete, and 3-7 business days for Acrylic Blocks. Depending on where your image falls in the queue and the volume of orders in the system, the time frame can go up or down. All of our production times are averages. It is possible that production times will occasionally fall outside of the posted range.

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