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Tips for Fine Art Paper PrintingUpdated 2 years ago

Fine Art Paper prints are the most premium way to print your photos on photo paper. The Fine Art Hahnemühle PhotoRag is the gold standard in photo paper. Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Fine Art Paper printing to help you with this product:

  • DO choose any type of image! Fine Art Paper is great for all types of images and all types of subject matter. It lends a luxurious feel to any type of imagery.
  • DO select this product if your are printing a very high resolution, finely detailed image. Photo paper prints are your best bet for ultimate fidelity to the image content.
  • DO select this product if your image is a bit lower than ideal resolution. Products with a more textured surface like Fine Art Paper or Canvas Prints will be more forgiving of lower resolution photos and mask some of the softness in the image, giving the print a more painterly look.
  • DON'T include fine or narrow borders, or important details very close to the edge. Fine Art Paper prints are created on a roll-based print set-up. After printing, each print is cut to size, resulting in 1-2 mm of image loss per edge.
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