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Tips for Peel & Stick Prints PrintsUpdated 2 years ago

Peel & Stick prints are the most fun and easy way to print your photos. You can print up your photos and stick them anywhere, all without hanging hardware or framing, and without breaking the bank! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Peel & Stick printing to help you with this product:

  • DO get creative! The versatility of these non-damaging adhesive prints allows for all sorts of options! You can place them in a variety of hard-to-decorate places. Peel & Sticks will work on smooth ceilings, in corners, and even on a curved wall or column. 
  • DO choose images with large, defined subject matter. Peel & Stick prints look best with vibrant, dynamic images. High contrast and high saturation content makes for the best looking Peel & Stick enlargements!
  • DO select this product if your image is a bit lower than ideal resolution. Products with a more textured surface like Peel & Stick or Canvas Prints will be more forgiving of lower resolution photos and mask some of the softness in the image, giving the print a more painterly look.
  • DON'T place peel and sticks in spaces where they will be touched or handled frequently. The textured linen-based print surface is susceptible to scratching and scuffs.
  • DON'T select this product if your are printing a very high resolution, finely detailed image. Peel & Sticks are a highly textured surface. For the greatest fidelity to details, choose a smooth print option like Satin Matte or Glossy paper.
  • DON'T include fine or narrow borders, or important details very close to the edge. Peel & Sticks are printed on a roll-based print set-up. After printing, each print is cut to size, resulting in 1-2 mm of image loss per edge.
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