Tips for Acrylic Prints

Acrylic Prints are the most popular Specialty Print option. Our Acrylic Prints are modern, durable, and look great in every setting! Guaranteed to WOW everyone who sees them. Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Acrylic printing to help you with this product:

  • DO get creative! The stunning print quality of our Acrylic Prints mean that nearly all types of images and subject matter can create beautiful prints. Print up your family photos, vacation pictures, wildlife images, or graphic designs to adorn your walls with quality, long-lasting artwork.
  • DO select this product if your are printing a very high resolution, finely detailed image. Super high print quality and a slick modern finish make your artwork POP!
  • DO check your edges. The Acrylic Prints are printed nested together on a large sheet and trimmed individually. The trimming process will cause approximately 1/8" of image and size loss per edge. Make sure any important details (like a signature or watermark) is placed a safe distance from the edge of the image.
  • DON'T include fine or narrow borders on your image. In the trimming process, narrow borders may end up trimmed unevenly or lost entirely in the final print.

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