Tips for Gallery Box Prints

Gallery Boxes are the greatest no-sweat decor product. Print and frame all together in one product, and stellar print quality lend the Gallery Box top spot in interior decorating ease! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Gallery Box printing to help you with this product:

  • DO choose any type of image! The Gallery Box is great for all types of images and all types of subject matter. A smooth white base, and top quality print technology make any image a chic piece of decor.
  • DO select this product if your are printing a very high resolution, finely detailed image. Our top-of-the-line flatbed print system can create crisp lines and high-fidelity reproductions. 
  • DO check your edges. The Gallery Box images are printed nested together on a large sheet of material and trimmed individually. The trimming process will cause approximately 1/8" of image and size loss per edge. Make sure any important details (like a signature or watermark) is placed a safe distance from the edge of the image.
  • DON'T include fine or narrow borders on your image. In the trimming process, narrow borders may end up trimmed unevenly or lost entirely in the final print.

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