Color Reproduction

Providing a perceptually similar translation of the colors in your photo is important to us. However, it is important for you to understand that the colors of the Posterjack products that you receive will not match your screen exactly.  If color accuracy is very important to you, we suggest that you make a test order with a small product size and quantity to ensure that you are happy with the result before ordering a large print or a large quantity of prints.  Please note that we can not offer reprints to color match the prints we produce to your screen.  For our best color accuracy we suggest you print on one of paper products, namely our Satin, Glossy, or Fine Art Paper.

Color replication is a very complex topic, with many factors. We have optimized our print system to be as accurate as we can make it. However, as an Internet Photo Printer, we can not promise that the colors of our printed products will match your monitor. Colors are influenced by the translation of the RGB print images to our printers that use CMYK inks, as well as the capabilities and color gamut of the various printing equipment we utilize.

If you are using a properly calibrated screen to view and edit your photos, we will be able to produce a more accurate result. If you are using an uncalibrated screen, it will be a random occurrence if the colors you see on your screen exactly match the printed output you receive. In addition, screens are backlit and the brightness level of the screen has a huge impact on color. Our printed products are not back lit and therefore the light in the room you are viewing them in (natural, fluorescent, incandescent) will change the way the colors look to your eye.

Posterjack makes prints on many specialty products, such as Metal Prints, Wood Prints, Acrylic Prints, and more. Out of all of our products, these products will provide the least accurate color reproduction.  As mentioned above, if color reproduction is your most important requirement, please choose Satin, Glossy, or Fine Art Paper.

NOTE: Posterjack offers Automatic Image Enhancement software to improve your photos.  If you enable this option, colors will be enhanced in your photo. If you prefer not to have any changes made to the colors of your photos, please deselect Automatic Image Enhancement.

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