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Gallery Box

About the Gallery Box

When we set about creating the Gallery Box, we wanted a piece of art that every designer would choose to complete their perfect room. Something fresh, inspirational, and adaptable. If you don't know what Posterjack product to choose, this is a great

Gallery Box Hanging & Framing

All Gallery Box prints are fitted with a deep box frame. Solid wood, with a depth profile of 1.75", these frames create that fab finished look that make the Gallery Box the one-stop-shop item for Interior Design bliss. Available in four different col

Tips for Gallery Box Prints

Gallery Boxes are the greatest no-sweat decor product. Print and frame all together in one product, and stellar print quality lend the Gallery Box top spot in interior decorating ease! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Gallery Box printing to help you w

Gallery Box Production & Shipping

As soon as the order for your Gallery Box is submitted, the image is immediately transferred to our print server. The image is then entered into the print queue, nested and sent to print!. Once nested, images are printed directly to the surface of 6m

Gallery Box Video

The Posterjack Gallery Box is the new black of interior design. Gallery Boxes are extremely versatile, designer-approved, and will look great no matter where you display them. Discover what goes into making this chic, stylish, and affordable photo ar