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About Photoboard Prints

Photoboards are a fan favourite here at the Posterjack workshop. Everybody loves the modern look and pure simplicity of the product. Each one is handcrafted, ready for you to admire, enjoy, & love on your wall!

Photoboard Hanging & Framing

We offer a number of different options to hang your Photoboard on the wall. These options are available to select in the order process when creating your custom print. There can be different options for different types and sizes of prints. Our hangin

Tips for Photoboard Prints

Photoboards are simple, easy, and cost friendly! Images are printed on a solid rigid board, easy-peasy, modern and versatile, Photoboards can fill your printing needs without breaking the bank! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Photoboard printing to he

Photoboard Production & Shipping

As soon as your order for your Photoboard is submitted, the image is immediately transferred to our print server. The image is then entered into the print queue, nested and sent to print!. With our Photoboards, nested images are printed on large rigi

Photoboards Video

Posterjack Photoboards are the perfect way to display your photos in a clean, modern style. Already wildly popular in Europe, Posterjack is the first company to bring them to Canada! This video will show you how a Photoboard will help your photo look