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Tips for HD Metal PrintsUpdated 2 years ago

HD Metal Prints are the most popular Metal Print we offer. Slick, glossy, and modern, they always turn heads wherever they are displayed! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of HD Metal printing to help you with this product:

  • DO choose images with large, defined subject matter. With their stunning gloss finish, HD Metal Prints prints look best with vibrant, dynamic images. High contrast and high saturation content makes for the most eye-popping HD Metal enlargements!
  • DO get creative! The durability of these HD stunners allows for all sorts of options! You can place them in a variety of hard-to-decorate places. Because of their super-strong print coating, and metal structure, HD Metal Prints fair very well in non-temperature controlled environments, like a bathroom with fluctuating humidity, or even outdoors, year-round!
  • DO check your edges. The HD Metal Prints are made in a large sublimation heat-press. Panel blanks are lined up with images printed on transfer paper and placed in the press. To ensure there are no unsightly white seams on the edges, and that everything is properly positioned, about 1/8" of the perimeter of the image is overhang that does not get pressed into the panel. Make sure any important details (like a signature or watermark) are placed a safe distance from the edge of the image.
  • DON'T include fine or narrow borders on your image. In the pressing process, minor shifts in the transfer paper can cause narrow borders to become uneven in the final product.
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