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Metal Prints

Differences Between Our 3 Types of Metal Prints

We have three different types of metal prints: HD Metal, White Metal, and Silver Metal. Our HD Metal prints have a smooth glossy finish, and colours that come out true to the original image. This is a our most popular Metal option, with its beautiful

About HD Metal Prints

Our HD Metal prints are a beautiful gloss finish print that looks great in all settings! They are made in an advanced dye-sublimation process using state-of-the-art Chromealuxe metal panels. The results are a stunningly dynamic piece of artwork you w

Tips for HD Metal Prints

HD Metal Prints are the most popular Metal Print we offer. Slick, glossy, and modern, they always turn heads wherever they are displayed! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of HD Metal printing to help you with this product:

About White Metal Prints

If you're looking for a Metal Print with true colours, without the high gloss, you've come to the right place. Create a subtle yet intriguing look with your photos on metal, perfect for situations where glare is a distraction to your perfect image, o

Tips for White Metal Prints

White Metal Prints are the most versatile Metal Print we offer. Velvety matte and modern, with stunning print quality, White Metal Prints are always a good choice for a print! Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of White Metal printing to help you with this

About Silver Metal Prints

A Posterjack innovation, this was the first Metal Print introduced in Canada.  Unlike most other Metal Prints, with this style you actually see the brushed metal shine through, creating a totally unique and artistic look.

Tips for Silver Metal Prints

Silver Metal Prints are a sophisticated and unique way to make your photo prints one-of-a-kind! Avant-garde with a brushed aluminum finish and metallic silver tones imparted in the image, Silver Metal Prints are always eye-catching! Here are the DOs

Metal Prints Hanging & Framing

We offer a number of different options to hang your Metal Print on the wall. These options are available to select in the order process when creating your custom print. There can be different options for different types and sizes of prints. Our hangi

Metal Prints Production & Shipping

As soon as your order for your Metal Print is submitted, the image is immediately transferred to our print server. The image is then entered into the print queue, nested and sent to print! Our Metal Prints are created in two different ways. The HD Me

Silver Metal Prints Video

Posterjack Metal Prints are totally unique! Watch this video to see how we print photos directly onto aluminum. Our Metal Prints are lightweight, fade-resistant, and extremely durable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor.